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The main building consists of two floors. On the ground floor there is a dining room , upstairs tw badrooms each one with its own entrance.

The apartments has two floors. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room; a toilet; and a kitchen which is fully equipped with cupboard, table and chairs, gas cooker, coffee and tea maker, sink, fridge, microwave, china, dishes, and glasses. In the living room you will find a studio coach. Upstairs there is one bedrooms, furnished with a king size bed, a TV, and a wardrobe. There is also a spacious bathroom located upstairs.

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Izvoarele was a farming community which over the course of time became a holiday region. It lies in Harghita county, 22 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc near Ivó creek, in the foothills of the Harghita Mountains, at an altitude of 795 meters.
It belongs to the Zetea Commune which is 12 km away. Though situated almost in the center of Romania, this region contains an important minority of Hungarians- the Seklers (Székley). Their traditions and way of life are almost identical to native Hungarians.
The accommodation has a 7000 square meter yard which contains the central building and 4 houses (each one has two separate apartments), a barbecue, garden swing, well, pergola, and lake. The houses do not have a permanent staff, allowing for plenty of peace and quiet for the whole family- including pets! The area offers an amicable ambiance for those who want to have a relaxing time or just ramble in the mountains. In the summer the natural surroundings offer plenty of possibilities for excursions, recreation, hiking, picking forest fruits, or fishing and hunting. The 140-acre Zeteváralja reservoir is just 9 km from the house. Here you can practice swimming, boating and fishing. The Harghita Mountains are one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the region. A large network of forest roads and single trails, as well as the superb landscape, make these mountains an ideal place for an unforgettable mountain biking holiday. Hang-gliding is also very popular in this region. The Harghita County’s cave system provides the opportunity to practice caving. The county can be classified as a center for adventure tourism.



Even though many people know it as a land of bloodthirsty vampires and never-ending forests, Transylvania is, in terms of natural beauty, the best Romania has to offer. Transylvania is certainly one of the most beautiful natural regions in Europe.
Izvoare lies in Harghita county, 22 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc, which is the second-largest city in the county and the defacto capital of Sekler country. The area belongs to the Zetea Commune.
The county has many springs of mineral water (it is said they number around 2000).
Forests account for more than 30% of the county's surface. There are spruce, oak and beech forests that play host to a rich and varied fauna and serve as an important resource for forest fruits like blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry, apple and blackberry, not to mention various mushrooms and medicinal plants.
The county is rich in mountains, caves, gorges, rivers, lakes, spas and resorts, 
nature preserves and natural monuments, historical landmarks, and religious buildings.
You can make an excursion to Praid, where you can visit the largest salt mine in Europe, or a famous spa. You can also visit the Sovata spa where you will find Lake Ursu (Bear Lake) which is a heliothermic lake (very good for swimming). It is the only one of it`s kind in Europe and the largest in the world. It's waters and sapropelic mud are famous for their healing properties. Reputedly, they have been successful in the treatment of gynecological and rheumatic diseases. Other lakes in the area which deserve mention are Lake Saint Anna, Killer Lake, Bicaz Gorges, Borsec, and Tusnad Spa.
You can go on day trips to these places as they all lie within 80 km of the house. Harghita is a beautiful county where the people are immensely hospitable.
In contrast to the peace and harmony of Izvoare is the nightlife of the city of Odorheiu Secuiesc. Here it does not matter whether it is a weekend or a weekday- you will always find a place for entertainment!